Mad Planets, Arcade

Developer Gottlieb released Mad Planets into video game arcades in 1982.

The game is a single-screen space shooter in which you must blast planets and their moons, to prevent them from becoming ‘full size’ and destroying you. And when a planet has ejected all its moons at you it then becomes ‘angry’ and homes in on you…

You can move and rotate your ship across the entire screen (the original arcade cabinets used a dial for the ship rotation, and a joystick for lateral movement), and blast away at the planets with your laser. You can also acquire bonus points for rescuing floating spacemen.

Einstein would be spinning in his grave, but the concept makes for a pretty good game. If not a decent high score challenge.

Interesting side note: the people who worked on Mad Planets also made the classic Gottlieb arcade game Q*Bert.

More: Mad Planets on Wikipedia

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