Hired Guns, Amiga

PsygnosisHired Guns is an innovative, squad-based tactical action game where the player takes control of a team of four mercenaries (from a pool of twelve), each of which has their own viewpoint in the play area.

In some ways Hired Guns is like a split screen, sci-fi version of Dungeon Master. Your team have a first-person viewpoint of the action and can each be individually controlled, either in single-player, or alongside other human players.

The action is involving and absorbing and can get very tense at times.

Graphically, Hired Guns is quite good. Interesting and detailed, but a little dated in places. Maybe it’s the colour palettes? But – then again – the game is over 25 years old now, so it can be forgiven for being visually clunky.

Hired Guns on the Amiga is still worth a play today, if you can find a copy!

More: Hired Guns on Wikipedia

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