Friday The 13th, Commodore 64

Domark’s Friday The 13th: The Computer Game is one of THE worst Commodore 64 games of all time.

It was cobbled together and released in 1985 and features laughable, childish graphics and pathetic gameplay. In fact: the game was more controversial for its advertising campaign than for any in-game violence, of which there is very little.

The goal – of course – is to find and kill pixellated serial killer “Jason” before he kills you. Actually you’ll probably struggle to score any points in this mess… I did. I got “nil points“. Do I care? No…

A classic retro gaming turkey if ever there was one. But let us revel in its badness… And remind ourselves that not all Commodore 64 games were created equal.

Friday The 13th: The Computer Game also graced the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC. They were obviously very lucky to get this “pioneering” game on their systems…

More: Friday the 13th on Wikipedia

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