Gorf, ColecoVision

A rare home port of Nutting Associatesfamous 1981 arcade game, Gorf. Rare because the original developers licensed both Space Invaders and Galaxian for inclusion in the original Gorf, which restricted its reach in home markets (because anyone wanting to release the game on another system would also have to license both games to make it legal).

Well, Bally Midway paid the requisite licensing fees and brought Gorf to the ColecoVision console in 1983, but they did drop the “Galaxian” level to save themselves some cash. The remainder of the game is mostly intact, with four levels of shooting (Astro Battle, Laser Attack, Space Warp, and Flag Ship) that would’ve probably satisfied fans of the arcade game at the time.

Gorf is a reasonably enjoyable game on the ColecoVision and a pretty good port of this early arcade shooter. While it’s a pity about the missing level, its omission doesn’t hurt the game too much.

More: Gorf on Wikipedia

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