Laser Zone, Dragon 32

The Dragon 32 port of Jeff Minter‘s Laser Zone was coded by Lee Barnes for Salamander Software and first published in 1983.

It is a reasonable conversion of the twin-axis, two-gun shooter, as seen on the Commodore 64. That is: if you ignore the abundance of green…

The Dragon 32 version even has the cooperative two-player mode of the C64 original, which I didn’t expect and am pleasantly surprised to see. It’s by far the best way to play Laser Zone – two-player cooperatively.

Like all the other versions of Laser Zone that I’ve played this week I’ve often found myself struggling to fire the guns in time to survive. I don’t know if that’s a bug, a feature, or something wrong with the emulator controls, but it’s something I’ve noticed over and over. The game doesn’t always want you to fire; even when you’re desperately hammering the fire button! It’s very frustrating…

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