Sorcery, ZX Spectrum

Martin Wheeler‘s 1984 Spectrum game, Sorcery, was a decent hit for publisher Virgin Games. Enough at least for Virgin to convert the game to various other systems, including for the Amstrad CPC, which is the better version.

Sorcery is a simple maze/puzzle game where you control a sorcerer, flying around various locations and trying to rescue his three magical, sorcerer friends from an evil necromancer who has kidnapped them. The game has seventeen screens and the idea is to use the correct items on the right monsters to kill them, and also to work out how to open the way forward to get to Stonehenge where you’ll eventually face the necromancer.

The Amstrad version is more memorable since it has much better graphics and gameplay. Playing Sorcery now, you’d be forgiven for laughing at it since it’s quite primitive, even for a Spectrum game. If I remember correctly the game was originally written in BASIC and compiled into machine code to make it run quicker, which probably explains why the graphics are so flickery.

To be honest, I wouldn’t choose the Spectrum version of Sorcery to play now as it’s so bare bones. The aforementioned Amstrad version is the one to play.

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