Defender of the Crown, Game Boy Advance

Cinemaware‘s classic Defender of the Crown was ported to the Game Boy Advance by Crawfish Interactive and published by Metro3D in 2002 and it is an excellent conversion.

The graphics have been re-done and are generally excellent (if a little washed-out in places) and a couple of new gameplay elements have been added, like mace fights after jousting.

Otherwise this is the same great Risk-style gameplay, where you’re basically playing a board game with interactive sections. You’re either trying to conquer your opponent’s land with catapults and your armies, or you’re jousting for fame or land instead. If you can master the jousting section then that is the more peaceful route to success, but it’s not easy.

In spite of the Game Boy Advance‘s small screen, Defender of the Crown works very well. It certainly pays good tribute to the Amiga original – some might even argue that it’s better.

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