Arcade Pool, Amiga CD32

Arcade Pool was developed and published for the Amiga and CD32 by Team 17 in 1994.

It plays all the iterations of pool known to man (including English Pub rules and all the American variations) as a single-screen table, shown from an overhead perspective. There are no alternative views (that I could find), but that’s okay because the best pool game of all time (Championship Pool by Bitmasters) also sticks to the overhead view. Many other pool games have tried going fully 3D, but very few have succeeded.

Being such a fan of Championship Pool I couldn’t get away from the nagging feeling that the scale was wrong in Arcade Pool – the balls seem too big… And, having played a lot of pool in America, I look at this and think: “Nah – those balls are not the right scale for the American game either, even though there are differences across the pond.” Maybe the balls in this are the right scale for a children’s pool table, or a ZX Spectrum game, but not for a realistic, “modern” representation of the game of pool…

Scale niggles aside, Arcade Pool is beautifully presented and plays very nicely. The interface is easy to get to grips with and the game can be played with either joypad or mouse. There are a number of computer-controlled players to take on and most provide a reasonable challenge. And of course Arcade Pool can be played two-player, and is best played that way.

More: Arcade Pool on Wikipedia

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