Track & Field, Game Boy

Konami‘s 1992 conversion of the smash arcade hit Track & Field features more events than the original. In fact, it’s something of a mashup of Track & Field and its famous follow-up Hyper Sports.

Events in this include: 100 dash, long jump, hammer throw, 110m hurdles, javelin throw, weightlifting, archery, triple jump, swimming, discus throw, and pole vault. Which is a pretty packed schedule for a handheld athlete…

You can practise or compete in individual events, go for the full competition (all events), or link up to another Game Boy (via a link cable) and play a versus game against another human player.

Track & Field on the Game Boy is still fun to play now. I wouldn’t say it’s as good as the original, but it’s a good conversion nonetheless.

More: Track & Field on Wikipedia

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