Domino Man, Arcade

This strange 1983 arcade game from Bally Midway is based on the bizarre-but-satisfying craze of ‘domino toppling’.

In it you play the balding, titular ‘Domino Man‘, a guy who runs around, dropping down lines of dominoes, and trying to protect them from sabotage by outside protagonists. A trail of black dots on the floor designates where to put the dominoes, and when the line is complete you can go for a bonus and topple them yourself.

Domino Man can push most enemies away if they’re heading towards his line of dominoes, although some (like the Killer Bee or The Bully) require different tactics.

One thing I noticed was the similarity of the main character sprite to the one seen in the game Tapper, which is an indicator that both games were developed by the same company – Marvin Glass and Associates; a Chicago-based toy development company.

In spite of the reasonably interesting premise, Domino Man is limited gameplay-wise. A simultaneous two-player mode might have improved things, but the Domino Man two-player game is the usual ‘take turns’ on the single-player game.

More: Domino Man on Wikipedia

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