Wrangler, Atari ST

Another great “hidden gem” on the Atari STWrangler, developed by Magnetic Fields and published by Alternative Software in 1988.

Wrangler a strange isometric puzzle game, with you playing the role of a robotic cowboy called “Glint Eastwood” (groan), and who must patrol various levels, collecting a required number of coloured tiles in order to shut down some alien gates. It’s a difficult game to explain, but is quite easy to play when you get the hang of it, and also quite compelling.

As the levels increase, the traps become nastier and the challenge ever greater. The alien ‘gate-builders’ – the greatest threat to Glint Eastwood’s life – increase in frequency and start to vary more in type. All ‘gate-builders’ can be jumped over, and some types can be killed by removing the floor from under them.

If it sounds weird: that’s because it is weird. But Wrangler is one of those strange games that is actually fun to play – as well as relatively original. If you’ve never played Wrangler before I highly recommend giving it a try.

More: Wrangler on Atari Mania

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