The Three Stooges, Amiga

The original Amiga version of Cinemaware‘s The Three Stooges was released in 1987.

With ‘mini games’ inspired by classic Three Stooges films, it features Larry, Moe and Curly on a quest to save an orphanage from an evil landlord.

The intro boasts of an ‘interactive movie’ (as is often the case in Cinemaware games), but in my opinion this is one of their least cinematic games.

Not that it’s bad – it isn’t – but it plays more like a regular game than something like The King of Chicago or Rocket Ranger, which have a lot of cut scenes. This game seems to centre around the animated sprites of the three main characters, rather than rely on a lot of cut scenes. Which is fine by me.

Playing The Three Stooges feels a bit like a board game, which is how the game was designed. Every move is decided by a button press, then the characters move and a mini game is played. The problem with this is that there are mousetraps on the board which will snap your finger if you point at them. Get caught six times and it’s game over.

The Three Stooges is not my favourite Cinemaware game, but is reasonable fun nonetheless. If you’re a Three Stooges fan you probably already know about it. 🙂

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