Koronis Rift, Atari 8-bit

A number of classic Lucasfilm Games‘ titles originated on Atari 8-bit home computers and Koronis Rift is one of them, first released in 1985.

You play a scavenger hunting for lootable scrap on the surface of hostile alien planets.

You drive a tank-like vehicle and must find your way through a fractal maze looking for “hulks” left behind by an ancient race of aliens. Once you find one you can then send out robots to scavenge the site, bringing back any useful technology modules they can find. And the unique thing is: you can then use those modules on your own ship when you find them. Of course these ‘hulks’ are not unprotected. A variety of flying saucers will attack you with everything they’ve got when they detect you and you have to shoot them before they destroy you.

Koronis Rift features a very nice animated sequence when you return any modules you’ve found back to the rover. A big robot inspects them on a conveyor and dismantles them to use on the ship. It’s a classic piece of video game nostalgia.

Requires 48K of RAM to run, so excludes the Atari 400.

More: Koronis Rift on Wikipedia

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