Combat Lynx, BBC Micro

Combat Lynx on the BBC Micro is a bit gaudy, compared to other versions, and that’s probably down to the fact that – in this screen mode – the BBC can only display four colours.

The gameplay is essentially the same as the original ZX Spectrum version, only much clunkier. The helicopter loadout screen is accessed by pressing X while on a landing pad, but this is also the key for down, so you sometimes crash into the ground trying to loadout… Not very good at all. No picture of the Lynx during loadout in this version either – just text.

Scoring points is no easy task. It’s a case of using the right weapons to blast the enemy, although getting a shot on target requires more luck than judgement. The BBC version of Combat Lynx is not bad, but is not good either. All the other versions are better.

More: Durell Software on Wikipedia

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