Buggy Boy, Atari ST

This 1988 Atari ST release, by Elite Systems, is a solid conversion of the classic Tatsumi arcade game.

The arcade version of Buggy Boy had the benefit of custom hardware, the Atari ST version did not, so is somewhat humble by comparison. But it’s fast enough, and playable enough, to be a lot of fun. And is graphically quite close to its arcade parent, in spite of having smaller graphics and sprites.

Buggy Boy is a single-player only experience, and the races are more like time trials. Race to the next checkpoint to extend your time sort of thing. The courses are eventful, with walls and ramps appearing; bridges over water (fall in and you’re delayed); and various other nasty obstacles that can upset your buggy.

Overall though: Buggy Boy on the ST is a decent 2D race game that has stood the test of time rather well.

More: Buggy Boy on Wikipedia

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