Super Hang-On, Atari ST

Sega‘s Super Hang-On was a full-sized bike arcade machine, that you sat on, and rocked side to side to steer the bike. It was first released into arcades in 1987 and this 16-bit conversion followed a year later in 1988.

Cynics doubted anyone could make it into a credible home version, but developer Software Studios proved everyone wrong by producing a superb conversion for the ST.

Playable either with a joystick or with a mouse, Super Hang-On is a non-stop blast through superfast road courses. It’s a time trial basically. You race to the next checkpoint to extend your time.

Colourful, fast, playable are words I would use to describe the Atari ST version of Super Hang-On. Super Hang-On is not about realism, it’s about speed… shaving seconds off lap times and keeping your race alive.

Super Hang-On was published by Electric Dreams.

More: Super Hang-On on Wikipedia

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