Brave Fencer Musashi, PlayStation

Square‘s 1998 PlayStation release, Brave Fencer Musashi, is an entertaining single-player action/RPG, with real-time sword combat and a 3D environment and characters.

Graphically, the game is quite stylised – big heads; mad faces; over-the-top animation. In the characters, in particular, players may notice a similarity with the look and behaviour of Final Fantasy VII‘s characters.

As you’d expect from the title of the game, Brave Fencer Musashi is mostly about sword fighting. You play the titular Musashi – a young swordsman who is summoned into a parallel world in search of five scrolls.

Brave Fencer Musashi is different to all of Square‘s other releases of the time. It’s much more simple than their other, more hardcore RPGs. It still features stuff like levelling, combos, combat techniques, and boss battles, but it’s not really a level-grinder or a dungeon-crawler per se – it’s more of an action game with light RPG elements. It’s still great fun to play now though!

More: Brave Fencer Musashi on Wikipedia

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