Grange Hill, ZX Spectrum

Argus Press Software released this licensed adventure game, based on the successful BBC TV series of the same name, in 1987. It is infamous for being one of the worst games ever made, and it truly is, for a number of different reasons…

Number one: Grange Hill plays like it was written by someone who didn’t have a clue about what a good video game should be.

Number two: the graphics are badly-drawn and unrecognisable, except for the digitised pictures.

Number three: The puzzles are obscure and solving them is boring.

Number four: text in the game has spelling mistakes. Schoolboy error.

Number five: whichever of the three available versions (Spectrum, Commodore 64 or Amstrad) you decide to play, it quickly becomes apparent that Grange Hill – the video game – is pure, unmitigated sh*t.

Eternal shame on Argus Press Software – and everyone involved – for letting this turd float down the river of retro-gaming history. And a gigantic waste of a license too.

More: Grange Hill on Wikipedia

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