Grange Hill, Commodore 64

The Commodore 64 version of Grange Hill is only marginally more crap than the ZX Spectrum version. The chunkier sprites in this make it look even more amateurish.

The same level of tediousness still exists in the gameplay though.

Grange Hill is a very poor example of menu-driven adventuring – made popular by games such as Spellbound and Frankie Goes to Hollywood, although Grange Hill fails miserable on virtually every level.

You’ve got to ask yourself: who was in charge of the quality control at Argus Press? Because wasting a license like this – so badly – is about as big a mistake as you can make in the games business. The programmers and designers did a terrible job too. Everyone involved should hang their heads in shame for all time.

More: Grange Hill on Wikipedia

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