Android 2, ZX Spectrum

Android 2 is a great little maze shooter for the 48K Spectrum, designed and programmed by Salford University graduate Costa Panayi and published by Vortex Software in 1983.

It basically follows on from the first Android game (Android 1: The Reactor Run), although this time the viewpoint is isometric (instead of side-on), and in this game you have to hunt and kill five red-headed “millitoids” (read: robotic centipedes) to complete the level.

Which is not as easy as it sounds, because contact with either a patrolling robot (of which there are many) or a mine (or which there are even more), will result in the loss of a life. And, with only five lives at your disposal, finding and eliminating all the millitoids within the time limit is a serious challenge.

More: Android 2 on Wikipedia

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