I, Robot, Arcade

Atari’s 1984 arcade hit I, Robot was the ever first video game to use 3D polygonal graphics in its presentation.

Due to its weird gameplay and new style of visuals, I, Robot wasn’t particularly well-received at the time. Over time, though, it has developed something of a cult following. Especially as its designer – Dave Theurer – also created the classic arcade games Missile Command and Tempest.

I, Robot is certainly not the best arcade game ever made, but it is definitely one of the most influential. A lot of games designers will have looked at the graphics and said: “We’re doing that.” I, Robot was the birth of 3D graphics. Which we now all take for granted.

As far as I’m aware: I, Robot was never converted to any consoles or home computers, although there were a few “tributes”, such as Sandy White’s I, of the Mask (1985).

More: I, Robot on Wikipedia

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