Little Big Adventure 2, PC

An excellent sequel to Little Big Adventure, once again developed by Adeline Software International and published by Electronic Arts, this time in 1997.

Little Big Adventure 2 is more detailed, more varied, and more fun than its predecessor, and, technically, it is also something of a leap forward – this second game having fully-rotating 3D exteriors, as well as the usual isometric, pre-rendered backgrounds seen in the first game.

Again: you play as Twinsen – the lead character from the first game – and again the aim of the game is ‘fight or flight’ and simple puzzle-solving, as you explore the planet Twinsun, or any of the other two planets, each of which have their own individual graphical style.

Definitely much more than just a sequel. Little Big Adventure 2 (also known as Twinsen’s Odyssey in other territories) is a huge, involving and charming game that should appeal to anyone with a heart and soul.

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