Little Big Adventure, PC

French developer Adeline Software International created Little Big Adventure (or LBA as it is affectionately known), for Electronic Arts in 1994.

The game is an isometric 3D adventure, with simple beat ’em up combat elements, and features an interesting mix of pre-rendered backgrounds (popular at the time of release, but dating badly these days), and 3D polygonal characters.

Most of the action involves running around, avoiding being captured or killed, although the interaction with lead character Twinsen and other non-player characters makes this game more than just a brainless chase game. It has a heart and soul, and that’s why people still love to play it now.

Thankfully Little Big Adventure is still available via

If you like cute, interesting games, you could do a lot worse than play this.

Note: in North America Little Big Adventure is known as Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure, which is – quite frankly – a rubbish alternative title!

A sequel was also released in 1997.

More: Little Big Adventure on Wikipedia Little Big Adventure on

5 thoughts on “Little Big Adventure, PC”

  1. Picked this up on a whim from a charity shop for 50p about 10 years ago. Had heard the name before, but knew bugger all about it. Wound up loving it, although never getting as far as I wanted to with. Good call on GOG – believe the Steam versions are broken beyond hell.

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    1. Didn’t even know it was on Steam. Poor show on my part for not checking (just checked and they both are on there). Reviews say “Mostly Positive”. Will look more into it. I try to give as much of a mention as possible. It’s not as if Steam needs more support…


      1. It’s possible they updated – I know some companies are pretty proactive with that. But agreed, GOG needs support, purely because the effort they put in to keep the games running deserves it, whereas Steam’s mimalist effort approach on support is horrific.

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