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Diner, Intellivision

Diner is an unofficial/official sequel to BurgerTime, created by Mattel Electronics exclusively for the Intellivision in 1987. ‘Unofficial’ because it’s not really counted as canon, and ‘official’ because Mattel at least got permission from Data East before releasing it.

To many, Diner is the ‘killer app’ on the Intellivision, although, to me, it seems a little over-rated. It’s still reasonable fun to play though.

Again you play chef Peter Pepper, only this time you are kicking food down the screen and back onto a plate at the bottom. While at the same time avoiding the various chasing ‘rotten food’ that will kill you if touched. You can again throw pepper to stun enemies that are in your way, just like in BurgerTime.

Diner has four skill levels and a variety of different levels. What slightly sours the game for me are the enemies that inexplicably appear on top of you after regenerating, and the not-very-forgiving collision detection. The basic idea behind Diner is flawed, really. There isn’t a great deal to it and I can’t help but disagree with those who say that it’s the “best Intellivision game ever”. It isn’t. It’s not bad – it just isn’t that great either.

The development history of Diner is quite interesting too. It started out as Masters of the Universe II, written by Ray Kaestner. When Mattel re-evaluated their games in development they decided to change it into a BurgerTime sequel.

Doesn’t currently have its own Wikipedia page, though.