Mr. Driller Drill Land, GameCube

Developed by Project Driller (an internal, dedicated team within Namco), Mr. Driller Drill Land was released exclusively for the GameCube in Japan in 2002 and is the fifth instalment in the Mr. Driller series. And it is arguably the best game in the series.

The game is divided into five different play modes, themed as amusement park attractions, and in each one you play as one of seven different characters. Each separate game has its own mechanics and different types of tricks, enemies, block types, gimmicks, and traps. The basic gameplay is the same as previous Mr. Driller games: you drill downwards to reach the bottom of a huge pile of bricks and must avoid them falling onto you from above and crushing you.

The different play modes are: “The Hole of Druaga“, which is RPG-influenced and features enemies with Hit Points (HP) that you find occasionally embedded in bricks which you must fight if you encounter them. There are also potions to collect to keep your own HP up as you dig downwards. “Horror Night House” is obviously horror-themed, and has bottles of holy water that you can collect to fight vampire enemies. “Drindy Adventure” is an Indiana Jones-inspired Mr. Driller variation with rolling boulders that, if freed, must be avoided at all costs. “Star Driller” is a space-themed game, with question-marked boxes containing space-themed bonuses. And “World Drill Tour” is a version of the original Mr. Driller where you tour different countries of the world as you progress.

The game also has a number of other extras, like: “Drill Town“, which is a small parade of shops, such as the Card Shop, where you can buy action card packs (three cards in one pack). There’s also an item shop, the “Music Palace” where you can play the various music tracks from the game, a movie theatre (where you can re-watch the cartoon cut scenes you’ve unlocked), a library where you can read about Mr. Driller video game history (and the five different variations of the game in this release), and a shop where you can link to a Game Boy Advance (using the GameCube/GBA link cable) and import your “Pacteria” pets from Mr. Driller A. And, lastly, there’s also a feature called “Dreamin’ Parade” which is simply a way of showing off your conquests and acquisitions.

Mr. Driller Drill Land on the GameCube has beautiful, cute, colourful graphics, fantastic music, and challenging gameplay and is easy to play in Japanese. Although an English translation of the GameCube game doesn’t yet exist, there is an English language HD remake of Mr. Driller Drill Land on Steam, so that is probably the one to play if you don’t want to play the Japanese version.

More: Mr. Driller Drill Land on Wikipedia
Steam: Mr. Driller Drill Land on Steam

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