Qix, Atari Lynx

Taito‘s classic arcade puzzle game, Qix, received an Atari Lynx conversion in 1991, which was developed in-house at Taito of America and published by Telegames.

If you don’t know Qix, it’s a reaction/line-drawing puzzle game where the aim is to fill as much of the screen as possible while at the same time avoiding the funny line things (the Qix) bouncing around the screen and the sparks moving around the perimeter of the stage. If a Qix hits your line while you’re drawing it: you lose a life. So you have to be careful.

As the levels increase the Qix move quicker and sometimes appear in pairs, ramping-up the difficulty.

Qix on the Atari Lynx is a decent enough conversion, with one and two-player and practise modes, but the scope of the gameplay is limited – especially when compared to something like Qix Adventure on the Game Boy Color (which was admittedly released some ten years after this, but still…).

More: Qix on Wikipedia

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