Panzadrome, ZX Spectrum

Developed by The RamJam Corporation and published by Ariolasoft in 1985, Panzadrome is an overhead maze shooter involving tanks, and it is not a bad game, as far as Speccy tank/maze games go.

Panzadrome is the name of an island inhabited by robot tanks, and your job is to go in and destroy them all.

You can’t just simply shoot the tanks to win, though. Oh no – that would be far too simple. You have to destroy a number of vents too, which helps shut the power off to the main computer controlling the tanks.

Also: you’re given a shit tank to start off with (the manual describes it as one with “stone wheels”) so you have to upgrade it by finding factory depots scattered around the maze.

The island is 64 screens in size (8 by 8) and when you reach the edge of each screen it ‘flicks’ over to the next one, making this a so-called ‘flick screen’ game (ie. the screen does not scroll as you move).

Graphically, Panzadrome is quite nice. The game displays a decent use of colour (for the Spectrum) and the side-on tank graphics are appealing too.

Panzadrome is still reasonably playable now. It’s not a patch on something like Grenada on the Megadrive (a very similar game), but it’s alright for a humble Spectrum game.

More: Panzadrome on World of Spectrum

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