Tekken: Dark Resurrection, PSP

The portable version of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection was published for the PSP in 2006. It’s a conversion of the 2005 arcade game from Namco, converted by Japanese studio Eighting.

Dark Resurrection on the PSP runs at a super smooth 60 frames per second during the fights scenes, but reverts to 30 fps outside. Which is fine because 60 fps is not necessary outside of combat.

How many playable fighters are there? Well, there are 34 that are immediately playable, and more than can be unlocked as you play the game.

Game modes include Quick Battle, Story Battle, Arcade Battle, Network mode, Tekken Dojo (rise up the ranks in a series of ever more difficult single-player battles), Attack mode (both Time Attack and Survival), and Practise mode.

The Story Battle mode is worth playing alone due to the rather funny dialogue and cut scenes, and the Tekken Dojo mode is superb as well – kind of like a league table that you have to fight your way to the top of. And of course taking on a friend in multiplayer is a great way to play the game.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection is a pretty wonderful game overall and retains much of the original’s look, feel, and content. It does have some compromises, of course, but is quite amazing considering that it’s on a handheld.

The game has sold over two million copies as of July 2009, which I guess makes it a pretty big hit.

More: Tekken: Dark Resurrection on Wikipedia

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