The Rocky Horror Show, ZX Spectrum

Based on the Richard O’Brien stage musical of the same name, CRL‘s 1985 cult hit The Rocky Horror Show is a simple action adventure in which you can play as either Brad or Janet and must rescue your opposite number from the clutches of the evil Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

It makes no real difference what the story is because The Rocky Horror Show is little more than a basic ‘find-and-fetch’ exploration game with a small number of screens based on locations in the play/film. All you’re doing is collecting pieces of a machine that will un-freeze your kidnapped partner.

If you’re a Rocky Horror Show fan you will probably adore this kitsch little game, and might even play it in your sussies, for added authenticity. For the rest of us, though, The Rocky Horror Show is an unfathomable, nostalgic ramble inside a game with not very much substance at all.

More: The Rocky Horror Show (video game) on Wikipedia

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