Jackass: The Game, PlayStation 2

Jackass: The Game on the PlayStation 2 is one of THE best video games ever made. Period. Not only is it THE ultimate multiplayer party game, but it also has an ingenious single-player element too. Ingenious because of the way it unlocks new things as you play. The reward system in this game is just brilliant.

Jackass: The Game is basically a collection of mini games, each with its own set of individual challenges and goals. Complete the challenges and unlock more difficult challenges, playable characters, levels, videos and all kinds of cool extras. And a lot of the mini games are hugely fun to play – there are not many duds. It all feels so packed with content and variety that it never gets boring. And some of the challenges take either top-level skill or blind luck to tick off the list.

You don’t have to like Jackass to enjoy this game, but it does help.

Hats off to the developer, Sidhe Interactive (of Wellington, New Zealand), though, for coming up with one of the most entertaining party games of all time!

More: Jackass: The Game on Wikipedia

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