Fight Night, Commodore 64

Fight Night is a cartoony boxing game developed by Canadian company Sydney Development and published by Accolade in North America and US Gold in Europe in 1985.

The game provides more of a comedy representation of boxing, rather than a brutal and realistic one. Fight Night has one and two-player modes and you can create and customise player boxers and save them to disk for later use.

In total there are five different opponent boxers to take on and beat and they can be challenged to one-off bouts, or a tournament. You can also train your boxer to boost their stats although these are really only punch strength and punch resistance to the head and body.

The boxing itself is relatively simple. You can hit high and low and guard high and low, and that’s about it. AI-controlled players do seem to have their own special moves, but player-controlled boxers don’t. When you manage to get multiple hits in, a coloured bar at the top of the screen grows in size, and when it reaches full length you can knock your opponent out (and they can do the same to you).

Fight Night was reasonably well-received at the time of release, and although the gameplay is somewhat limited it is fun to play for a short while.

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