Sweevo’s World, ZX Spectrum

Sweevo’s World is an isometric adventure/puzzle game developed and published by Gargoyle Games in 1986. The initial release was for 48K Spectrums although an enhanced version for the Spectrum 128K, called Sweevo’s Whirled, was also released later.

You play as SWEEVO (Self Willed Extreme Environment Vocational Organism) on the artificial planetoid Knutz Folly and must find and destroy the malfunctioning ‘Waste Ingestion and Janitor Units’ (“WIJUS”) that are supposed to keep Knutz Folly clean, while avoiding various hostile creatures and obstacles.

Sweevo cannot jump and must rely on elevators to climb platforms. He is not armed but can kill enemies by dropping objects on them or manoeuvring them into traps. He can carry three objects at a time and these are used to corral or drop on hostiles, or give him a height boost, but little else.

On the title screen the game gives you a number of options for starting points (four in Sweevo’s World – six in Sweevo’s Whirled), which is a nice feature not seen previously in other games.

The downside to Sweevo’s World is that the rooms are very samey and graphical variety is relatively low, but the upside is that the game plays well and doesn’t suffer much from slowdown.

A sequel, called Hydrofool, was released the following year, in 1987 – also featuring Sweevo.

More: Sweevo’s World on Wikipedia

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