Traxx, VIC-20

First released for the VIC-20 in 1983, Traxx is a simple maze game where you have to connect boxes together using red lines. It’s another early Jeff Minter game that is only partially successful.

You control a spaceship on a grid that must pull red lines around boxes to ‘capture’ them. The ship can only pull the lines a certain distance before they snap back, so you have to turn corners carefully.

On the title screen you can change the number of enemies chasing you (I say “chasing” but they seem to warble about all over the place), from one to nine, and the speed at which the game plays (again: one to nine speeds – nine being the fastest).

The grid remains the same in every game and any more than two chasing enemies and you’re going to start hitting a brick wall. In fact, that’s why this game is only partially successful, because the number of enemies and the way they move means that there’s only really a small range within the parameters given where the game is playable.

Traxx is another forgettable early Llamasoft game that could’ve been much better with a bit more thought put into it.

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