Discs of Tron, Arcade

The second video game based on Disney‘s famous 1982 movie, Tron, released into arcades in 1983 by Bally Midway. The first one is here.

Discs of Tron focuses on the disc-throwing game, as seen in the film between Tron and Sark, and it was one of the first games to feature a playfield set in a 3D space.

You basically throw discs at each other and have to catch your opponent out by hitting their ass. Well, not their ass – just catch them off-guard. Or knock them off the platform.

As the levels progress the difficulty gets harder. Your opponent, Sark, becomes more and more aggressive. Platforms begin moving vertically, requiring you to aim up and down. Actually, aiming upwards can be the key to beating your opponent, because bouncing a disc off the ceiling, and onto one of your opponent’s platforms will make it disappear for ten seconds. Which can be a huge problem for him. Or you, if he does it to you.

It’s strange that the developers didn’t include a simultaneous two player game, with player two controlling Sark. But then again: this was 1983 and we were stupid back then. 🙂

More: Discs of Tron on Wikipedia

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