MotoGP 2, XBox

MotoGP 2 is a great, high octane bike racing game, first released by THQ in 2003. It was developed by UK-based Climax Brighton for the original XBox, and for Microsoft Windows.

As bike racing games go, MotoGP 2 is fast, playable and exciting, and not too difficult to control. There are three circuits initially (Suzuka, Phakisa and Jerez), and more to be unlocked as you progress. There’s a Stunt Mode too, where you have to perform wheelies, burnouts and powerslides for points, and reaching specific points totals unlocks more riders. All the riders and teams from the official 2002 MotoGP race calendar are included.

You can switch the view from first to third-person while you’re racing too. Always useful in these kind of games!

More: MotoGP 2 on Wikipedia

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