Trashman, ZX Spectrum

Trashman – by Malcolm Evans – is an interesting and unique game in which you play the role of a refuse collector (bin man, or – if you’re American – a trash collector), collecting bins (or trash cans), and dumping them into a blue lorry that is creeping up the street as you work.

You have to work fast, otherwise the lorry will leave you behind, and you must also avoid being run down by passing traffic that zips along the road as you cross. Getting hit by traffic will end the game immediately, so you have to be careful.

There are bonuses to be collected, for example: emptying the bins of certain houses will reveal the person at the door, and who will invite you inside for a “cup of tea” (or a shag, depending on your interpretation of the situation). There are also dogs, which will chase and bite you, and a timer that decreases more quickly if you step on the grass, rather than walk on the pathways. If the timer reaches zero before you’ve completed the entire street, you will have to try again from the beginning.

Trashman is a very interesting and playable retro gaming classic. It was first released in 1984 by New Generation Software.

More: Trashman on Wikipedia

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