Wizkid, PC

Wizkid is also subtitled “The Story of Wizball II”, which is interesting, although it doesn’t really look or feel like a sequel to Wizball at all to me.

Wizkid was developed by Sensible Software and released by Ocean in 1992, for PC (in MS-DOS), the Amiga and the Atari ST, and the basic premise is to bounce around as a disembodied head, knocking objects into baddies to kill them, collecting musical notes in order to access a bonus stage with a body.

Wizkid is a fun game, still, although remains somewhat obscure among other Sensible Software releases.

More: Wizkid on Wikipedia

One thought on “Wizkid, PC”

  1. One of those weird games of my childhood. Always remember being able to flood the well by using the faulty urinal at the bottom. Never did complete it – getting the right amount of cats to row the boat at the end proved impossible for me. The loading times on the Amiga were horrible, too.

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