Karnov’s Revenge, Neo Geo

This 1994 Neo Geo release from Data East is the second game in the “Fighter’s History” series. It is tentatively related to the Data East arcade game Karnov, in that it features the red-trousered, bald character of the same name, but it’s a fighting game, in true Neo Geo style.

Karnov’s Revenge uses a four-button fighting style and introduces a new gameplay feature to the series called ‘one-two attacks‘. What this does is allow faster light attacks when holding down the heavy attack button (and vice versa), making combos easier to perform.

There are 13 playable characters in total, including all eleven fighters from the previous Fighter’s History game. Only Karnov has been given new sprite artwork, though. Most of the characters have been given new special techniques, however, including hidden techniques that are not listed in the instructions.

The game does have some interesting weather effects that add variety to the various backdrops, although the rain effect is a little strange, and looks like a curtain of beads flowing vertically downward.

Karnov’s Revenge was released in arcades first – in March 1994 – and shortly afterwards (April ’94) it was released on the Neo Geo home consoles. The game was re-released for the Sega Saturn in 1997, and the Wii Virtual Console in 2010. It was also made available in the 2017 release, Arcade Archives, by Hamster Corporation, for a variety of modern formats.

More: Karnov’s Revenge on Wikipedia

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