World Games, Commodore 64

Programmed by K-Byte for Epyx and published in 1986, World Games is an eclectic mix of eight different sports events, inspired by various unusual sports from around the world.

Events in World Games include: weight lifting, barrel jumping, cliff diving, slalom skiing, log rolling, bull riding, caber tossing (!), and finally sumo wrestling.

Individual events are loaded one by one, depending on what you choose at the beginning of the game. Multiple participants can register their name and country at the start and then wait their turn as each contestant takes it in turns to get the highest score (and therefore: medals).

If you ignore the horrible cyan colouring on some of the screens then World Games is pretty much perfect in terms of presentation. The animation throughout is excellent, with lots of humorous touches, and each event is pretty much a different game in its own right.

It’s debatable whether World Games is up there with the best in the Epyx Games series or not. I like it, although I never really understood how to play the log rolling properly. It just pisses me off! The rest of it I enjoy playing, though.

World Games is a high quality sports compendium that is still fun to play now. To some degree anyway.

See also: Summer Games, Summer Games II, Winter Games, and California Games.

More: World Games on Wikipedia

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