Travel With Trashman, ZX Spectrum

The sequel to the classic Trashman is another excellent ‘leftfield’ Spectrum game from Malcolm Evans and New Generation Software.

In Travel With Trashman you’re again controlling Trashman – a bin man – and one who is on holiday and also who is incapable of walking away from litter he finds on the ground.

The basic premise is to pick up litter on each screen, earning cash as you do so, while also avoiding touching other people (you lose cash if you touch someone). As you accumulate cash you can afford to fly to further-flung places around the world to pick up litter. There are 13 different destinations to travel to in total, including: Alice Springs, Benares, Chichen Itza, Kanyu, London, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, Madrid, Moscow, Munich, Paris, New Orleans, and Samoa.

Travel With Trashman is a simple game, but is definitely fun, plus it also teaches about geography and different places around the world, even if the representations are satirical. The stereotypes are certainly not offensive, though.

More: Travel With Trashman on World of Spectrum

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