The Pyramid, ZX Spectrum

Fantasy Software released two games in 1983 featuring a character called ‘Ziggy’, and this game – The Pyramid – was the first of them.

The Pyramid is a simple, single-screen shooter, with you playing as Ziggy – inside a floating gun pod – who must escape from a gigantic pyramid.

Ziggy begins at the top of The Pyramid and must work his way down to the bottom via a series of exits. Each room has two possible exits (you have a choice of which direction to go) and these are opened by shooting enemies, collecting gems, and dropping the gems onto the exits. If it sounds convoluted then I guess it is…

Completing The Pyramid is a challenge, but if you know what you’re doing you can probably zip through the entire game in half an hour. It’s a reasonably fun game to play now.

A sequel – called Doomsday Castle – followed soon after The Pyramid, again in 1983.

More: The Pyramid at World of Spectrum

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