S.D.I., Amiga

S.D.I. (Strategic Defence Initiative) is a 1986 release from legendary American games company Cinemaware.

Set in a Cold War type scenario, S.D.I. pits East against West in a fight for dominance in space.

You play the American commander of an SDI system of 12 anti-missile satellites whose job it is to protect them from attack by rogue KGB agents.

You start off in a command room and can check on various status screens, although ultimately you have to personally jump into a cockpit and go out into space. While you’re out there you can blast enemy attackers and repair broken satellites. When you’re done you can then re-dock with the space station and carry on your war from the safety of your viewing platform.

S.D.I. is a mixture of Star Raiders and a ‘regular’ Cinemaware game. It has pleasant cut sequences and detailed information screens and a pretty good core game, although it isn’t quite up to the standard of some of their other releases. It’s still a decent game overall though, which just goes to show the general high quality of Cinemaware‘s releases in the games market.

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