The Chaos Engine, Megadrive/Genesis

Developed by The Bitmap Brothers and published by Renegade Software in 1993, The Chaos Engine is an overhead scrolling shooter for one or two players.

In The Chaos Engine you can play as any one of a number of different characters, such as the Navvie, Thug, Gentleman, Mercenary, Preacher, or Brigand. Each has different skills, weapons and traits and must fight their way from beacon to beacon.

If you’re playing single-player the computer will control your sidekick. Another player can take control of him too. Two-player Chaos Engine is excellent fun – as is single-player, to be honest. In spite of the game’s simplicity, The Chaos Engine has weathered the sands of time quite well, and this Megadrive/Genesis version may well be the best out of all of them.

More: The Chaos Engine on Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “The Chaos Engine, Megadrive/Genesis”

  1. Had this on Amiga – and it felt like everybody else did too, as it came in quite a popular budget bundle towards the mid-late 90’s (with, if I recall correctly, Pinball Dreams and… Nick Faldo’s Championship Golf).

    I loved the graphics, controls, music was cracking, but I was terrible at it. The AI was about as useful as a pile of socks (often running at the enemy, bold but futile tactics), and those frogs hammered me in the second level.

    You ever play the sequel? Reception always seemed a bit frosty towards it, never touched it myself.

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