Law of the West, Commodore 64

Law of the West was developed and published by Accolade in 1985 (it was distributed by US Gold in the UK and Europe), and is a ‘Wild West’ style action game where you play as a sheriff in the frontier town of Gold Gulch.

You must converse with various characters who you meet in the street and you’re given four different responses to each of their questions. How you respond to them dictates their consequent actions. Often it will result in a shoot-out, but not always. If it does result in a shoot-out you must beat them to the draw and shoot them before they shoot you. If you’re shot then you can either be rescued by a doctor, or left for dead (if the doctor is out of town or drunk).

The aim of the game is to make it through a day alive and to reach sunset, at which point your score is totalled-up and you must then re-start from the beginning.

You can just shoot every character you come across, without talking to them, if you want to, but if you do that you’ll be awarded with the lowest possible score at the end of the day.

Graphically, Law of the West is colourful and atmospheric, but the gameplay is extremely limited. The random way in which shootings occur (or not) also makes it frustrating, and the game also has spelling errors in it. If the game had a bit more variety (like a few interior scenes or missions that took you out of town), and you could continue on for multiple days, then it might have been interesting. As it stands: Law of the West is way too short and stunted to be considered a classic, in spite of what some might think of it.

Law of the West was also released for the Apple II, and NES/Famicom.

More: Law of the West on Wikipedia

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