Questprobe 2: Spider-Man, ZX Spectrum

The second Questprobe adventure game – featuring Spider-Man – is just as difficult as The Hulk, and only marginally more entertaining.

Questprobe 2: Spider-Man (1984) is much the same as before: high quality Adventure International-standard text entry; static graphics; and tough situations to type yourself out of.

Actually, if you compare Spider-Man to The Hulk you can see that the game engine in this has been revised and improved, as has the on-screen font. British programmer Brian Howarth was responsbile for the ZX Spectrum version. Artist Teoman Irmak did the graphics for the first two Questprobe games.

Like all of the three games in the Questprobe trilogy, Spider-Man does have its moments. It’s amazing how small, focussed and challenging these games are.

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