Backlash, Amiga

Backlash on the Amiga is like a suped-up version of Battle Zone. Actually: more like a suped-up version of Encounter, which is another tank-based shooter by Paul Woakes, the author of this game (and the classic Mercenary, and a few others).

You’re controlling some kind of fast-moving tank, except you can’t see it around you, and the bullets come straight out of your face towards the enemy when you fire. It’s a strange perspective. Like piloting an invisible tank while naked… You’re shooting floating eyes, flying saucers, dodging big spikes and missiles, and trying to see them before they can see you.

The display is colourful, but kept simple to keep frame rates up, and the action and explosions are spectacular, creating a great atmosphere as you blast to survive.

Backlash is a trip. A shoot ’em up fan’s dream. And a game that must be played, if you’re on the hunt for the best Amiga games or shoot ’em ups ever.

Backlash only ever appeared on Amiga and Atari ST, via Birmingham-based Novagen Software in 1987.

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