Digitiser: The Show, Kickstarter

Fellow blogger, and games mutha-lover, Mr. Biffo, has launched a Kickstarter Appeal for Digitiser: The Show, which can be found here:

If you don’t know: Digitiser is a long-running games-based publication that first began its life on Channel 4 Teletext (back in the olden days), before later evolving into a rather excellent website.

Digitiser is well-written, informative, funny, poignant at times, populated by a plethora of bizarre-but-hilarious characters, and also – it seems – branching out into more televisual style entertainment.

Covering modern and retro gaming, Mr. Biffo says of it: “This won’t be the kind of cheap-and-cheerful fare you typically find on YouTube; Digitiser The Show is a full-blooded gaming series, utilising professionals with decades of broadcasting experience to bring audiences something that will stand out as high quality – while being utterly unique, completely bonkers, and hugely ambitious.”

The guest line-up looks fantastic in itself. We think that this is gonna be big…

Again, the link is here: Digitiser: The Show on Kickstarter

Go and support them if you like the sound of it!

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