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Happy Anniversary to Digitiser!

Want to say happy anniversary to fellow Blogger Mr. Biffo as he celebrates 25 years of DIGITISER this week.

For those who don’t know: Digitiser was Channel 4 Teletext’s excellent games magazine on telly, and continues on to this day as a blog at and video show at YouTube. Check it. It’s video games without all the boring bits.

PS. These commemorative editions are still being broadcast as Teletext too, via some kind of magic signalling on their website.

PPS. Nice plug for The King of Grabs by Zombie Dave this morning too (what’s he saying? “I’d like to grab him by the prawns?”).

My week is complete! 🙂

The Super Control/Digitiser Lard Challenge 1993
The Super Control/Digitiser Lard Challenge ’93.