The King of Grabs is four years old

Today, the 21st December 2021, is the fourth birthday of this website – So happy birthday to us!

We hope that you continue to find this site useful and informative. And that it maybe inspires you to discover (or rediscover) great games from the past.

Thank you for your support,
The King of Grabs

4 thoughts on “The King of Grabs is four years old”

  1. Congratulations, King! The site truly is a wonderful source of new discoveries. Your insightful game summaries are invaluable too, and do a great job of setting the games in context while looking at them with a contemporary eye. Just great stuff all round. Cheers!

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    1. Cheers Bish! Yes, hopefully much more to come. Got plenty in the pipeline and a backlog as long as my arm. Now if I could just stop playing these damn Pokemon games I might get more written! 🙂


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