Snowball Sunday, Commodore 64

Snowball Sunday is a winter/Christmas-themed snowball fight game for the Commodore 64, written by Ashley Routledge and David Saunders. There isn’t much information available about it online, but from what I can tell it was given away free with various Commodore magazines in 1988. It was also freely available for download from Compunet (aka CNet) – an interactive service provider that was accessed via dial-up, that existed from 1984 to 1993.

In fact, Snowball Sunday is more of a demo than anything, as there’s not a great deal to it other than pressing down to pick up a snowball, and pressing fire to throw it. You control Willy Warmstart (in the blue outfit) and must throw snowballs at two opponents (in the red and grey outfits), who run around the screen trying to avoid getting hit. Ducking to reload is an effective way of dodging snowballs thrown at you. You can also run off the side of the screen and come out the other side.

The game has decent music by Lou Gray and Wally Beben, although it’s a pity that it’s not Christmas-themed – it’s just fairly typical SID-based chiptunes music from the late Eighties.

Snowball Sunday doesn’t seem to have an end to it – it just goes on until you turn it off – although it is fun to play for a short while. The game has been re-made a number of times and seems to be well-remembered by those who’ve played it in the past, even though there’s not much to it. The game could’ve done with a score counter, and maybe the ability to punch your opponents if you’re up close to them. For added realism. 😉

More: Snowball Sunday on CSDb

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